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React Native is a cross Platform technology built by Facebook which works on inheriting features of Native App Development but advanced by technology from iOS, Android and Windows too.It is a rapidly growing programming language and adopted by developers all across the world and is a JavaScript framework constitutinghighly advanced features to build a cutting-edgemobile app development solution for both Android and iOS. React Native reducesthe development time to a considerable amount of about 75% and the programming writing and compiling time also reduces. It is one of a kind app development platform which comes with many positive features like Codes become reusable, It is a UI Focused technology which is highly responsible and loads the faster than others, it provides speedy and agile development, the updation is possible through app store cycles, and it optimizes and checks for compatibility of working with both android and iOS platforms.


Reactive native has evolved with a very great achievement of the developers as it makes many benefits other than just being fast and compatible, it is highly secure and easy development platform too for the developers to build a new app and deployment. Few of its benefits can be:


React Native is a rich UI and is used by many Giants in the industry as Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Walmart etc., due to its quick functioning and cross platform frame work which makes it compatible with both the software system. React Native has a feature of upgradation where through hot reloading one can run new code without losing any data and application state. GPC Infotech has done business on react native across the borders too with many international companies. We have developed applications in Social Networking, Healthcare, Travel and Tourism, Games etc.

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GPC Infotech is a trusted name when it is about React NativeApp Development. Our React Native development team comprising Engineers, Team Leader and Designers working all together to build the best development group. We initiate the process right from consulting the client on the type of product they require, a wireframe model is built for the project, a market analysis is carried out for any missing and helping terms to implement in process to make a competing product and finally a team is assigned for the development of codes. We put up estimation for the project precisely so as to deliver in time. We are a trustable source with keeping safe all the processing data from the company which makes us a customer satisfaction biased company. We are into Web Development too and produced many attractive websites helping us in realizing the importance of color combination and user interface which we now employ in the apps to make them sober and attractive. We are into developing Mobile Apps, Hybrid Apps, App Migration and Maintenance with customer support.

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