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iOS is a diverse set of tools and Programming language used for developing apps used in iPhone and iPad. Heaviest traffic for any growing company comes from mobile phones, as it’s used for personal as well as businesses. iOS is the second highest grossing industry since 2016 and a source for many businesses through app development and promotions. iOS uses a simple interface, gives a framework that can be used to define set of particular functions like media, security, data management and gaming too. iOS has many tools which can be classified as Designing tools(invision, Balsamiq, Mocks, Acorn, Appgyver), Testing tools(XCTest, OCmock, KIF, Specta,Kiwi), and understands various languages (like Objective-C, C, Swift) for programming ease.

Why Us?

GPC Infotech uses Xcode to build a working iOS app right from beginning. It is the integrated development environment for the framework. We use it as for creating files, debugging and deploying the app which makes it easier for us to implement changes later. We do our best in making an appealing UI keeping in mind the process of navigation through the app, interaction between the user and the commands, the size class of the app features, layout of pages to go through and the roadmap of flow though the app, and final testing of the app to keep it away from any flaws. We build program such that there should be no bugging in the application at any stage of the application life. Our Expert professionals work to produce the top notch custom iOS solutions using a long experience in the industry. We use the mixture of Objective C and Apple platforms to create a well-built app. An end-to-end development process is followed as soon as the project is assigned. We Define a clear purpose as the requirement of the client, Prototyping to make a clear picture and checking if the clients’ and developer’s the goal meet, backup Building block for the iOS app for any recovery, designing and development, Authenticating the user accounts, and testing. We add features for users to talk about your apps through social media and easily share it online. A post production maintenance phase is carried out for any updates and errors based on reviews and feedbacks, thrusting special focus on the quality of the product. A flawless and smooth app is the target.

How we do IOS App Development ?

Our Developers provide with a premium finished app built for customer satisfaction, which indeed is our first priority. Our developer are into the business of building iOS apps since a long time and uses updated technologies on Objective –C and Apple Inc. for developments. The Development process goes through a series of processes like

  • Analyzing: Thorough analysis of the market and competition to know the requirement and the reviews consumers put up as per the needs.
  • Wireframing: Wireframing the precedence. Ideation from all the team members and the client is done but making the processed data to flow in a manner to service the requirement.
  • Prototyping and Mockups: Various prototyping process are followed like paper prototyping by making the whole program on paper and checking for any further requirements.
  • Coding, Interface and Debugging: Final coding is done by the expert and checked by the superior levels to find any flaws and corrected. The programming is done so that there should not be any bugs or loopholes to attackers.
  • Deploying of Program: A complete test is carried out of the final program and is then put up to the owner or to the app store as per the instruction by the client.

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