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After building an app, all the UI/UX and various soft requirements in an applications, what does one need is making a communication between all the devices in the internet for sharing and maintaining the application, Google app Cloud system keeps all the hopes alive by syncing all the application data, sending and receiving messages and keep up the application. It is easy and convenient to use and is scalable to build cloud apps. It has many benefits like automatic deployment and managing the applications to provide a right amount of server capacity to handle the traffic. It stores and distributes a specific message to various data centers across the world so it is always available to global business customers and partners hence no schedule maintenance and configuration is required. The data is automatically scaled according the application requirements. It even manages runtime logic to maintain the precise customer requirement without customers to wait for servers to load the solutions.

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Runtime and preferred Languages:Common languages like Java, Python, Go, PHP or Node. js is used to build application and using SDK, one can test the application locally.

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Availability of SQL service and NoSQL:The Built-in NoSQL service provides application storage for few thousands of Terabytes equivalents to more than two websites and with low scalability.

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Easy API:Running API backends becomes easy as Google app compatible with industry’s leading tools like Cloud SDK, Cloud Source Repositories, etc.

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Data Storage and Serving Locations:One can store data in any of the locations around the world and serve the application function.

Why US?

GPC Infotech creates a platform for various companies and enterprises
to make cloud based websites- simple or complex applications. We have
developers which make applications in various languages, so that we can
provide application compatible with iOS, Android and JavaScript. We make a
solid base for the company’s website to play an application with full effect.
We have experts working on Maintaining server logic to simplify data
arrangement. We take various processes for app setup by designing layers to
fasten the processing in the application. Technologically we are even advanced
as we provide servers for the data storage in clouds as it makes an easy
handling and maintenance of the data for our clients.


GPC Infotech work on impressing the clients’ with the outcome and we believe in consistent Performance and Support that can be helpful for later. There are many a things that can be worked upon in the subject and our experts work on all of them as listed:

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Handling Memcache: As the data on cloud get loaded too often and Hence malfunctioning of the app, our programmers design a untangling Memcache which is good for maintaining data automatically. Our Memcache API lets you cache data that can be expensive to compute

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Clearance Rights: We program the application such that the data stored will reach the required client without data clearance right by the user. We offer a Range of options for computing, storing and application services for your web, mobile applications.

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Design API: We design application interface for the good pace of the app and better User experience. We make the Cloud manipulate all the services as per the application requires. We provide a convenient option for monitoring your application data usage and consumption rate.

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Library maintenance: We build cloud endpoints in the servers API so as to directly link the library elements to the cloud to overcome the delay in processing. We can make your data open to the internet or you can use Google accounts to control access for authenticated users.

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Servers for data storage: We provide servers for storing your web application data which leads to easy maintenance of the process.

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