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ASP.NET is a Web Development Model Integrated with .Net Framework, Making a dynamic web application and Web services. ASP abbreviates to Active Server Pages and .NET is Network Enabled Technologies modeled by Microsoft and is a successor of ASP programming technology. On integration with .Net it has inherited properties from the framework to benefit like multi-language Interoperability, Safety, Garbage management etc. It was created to write clean code, used to deliver the content on client requests, based on the data from .Net classes, Database and Components. ASP.NET supports Visual Basic Net, and open-source languages such as Python and Perl. It can be used to create tool for both Computer system and Web. It is written in various languages including C#, VB.Net, and J#. This is a flexible tool for developer providing them the controls to be used on a page as objects, and events Load, Click and Change. Web Services also allow building modular, distributedweb applications, written in any language. ASP.Net uses code access security and Inherent technology from IIS (Internet Information services) code to authenticate. ASP.NET framework is based on various Components like:

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Languages:Many different languages are constituted in ASP.NET framework viz. VB.Net, C#, J# etc. to develop web application.

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Library: It has a systemized grouping of components in library for web applications.

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Common Language Interface: It is a platform to execute .Net Program and used to perform key Activities.

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Code Behind Mode: Concept to separate design and code for easiness of maintain application.

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Management of State: It is used to control State Management. It brings improvisation on time as per requirement.

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