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About 80% of world populations uses mobiles with Android technology and predicted to increase 5% more in coming year.More than a million apps have been put up in the Google play store till date. Since it is an open source, many have been discontinued but the business is always on the top, even better than iOS App development. Google made android an open-source so development of app gets easy and understandable for developers and modified on the verse. Android has built a Software Development Kit (SDK) for keeping large data and maintain library. Android development is also possible through Java which makes it possible for completing the app in quick succession or Just-in-time Compilation. Android is vast growing market and it has recently found its place in Automobile industry. Many car manufacturers look for android driven applications to be put up in their smart cars, devices and even smart clothing is a thing in market relying on android to make up software. This date we are happy to use technologies to access our data anywhere through Drop box and Google Drive, all these are the ideas built upon android soft tech, companies urge to make their own applications for these and android gets bigger every day.

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Why Us?

GPC Infotech is a team of Professionals working in the Information Technology since 2012 and excelled various tools in all these years of working. We have been providingApp Development for more than 6 Years by now. Android development is the most common practice of them. We have made proper strategies to work on a particular project, right from assigning a team, to the work flow and testing to final execution, everything is assigned a specific amount of time makes us deliver the work in quick successions. Our history explains that we have capability of developing any type of Android app as needed by the client. Our Team commands in the languages like Kotlin, C++, Java, HTML and CSS to develop high end Android Solutions compatible for all devices like Tablets, Mobiles, TV and even Wearable tech. We have the perfect blend of making a machine work precisely on the command developed by us. We build apps for you those are capable of:

How Do We Do?

  • Completely automatic
  • Fully customizable

  • Works on clients Invoicing

  • Increment in business and cash flow

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We have developed apps in almost all fields like Fitness, Games, Photos and Videos storage, Educational and Learning, Tourism, Cab Services etc.

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