Xamarin uses C# language that works across all platforms, one of the best to develop an application. Xamarin works on the capability of working and behaving is of the exact expectation as that of the user requirements, similar to that as of GPC Infotech work motto. It is a cross-platform Product for developing apps accessible under Microsoft Ecosystem. Xamarin and C# can be used together to work well that can even compile large games.

Few more about why we are into Xamarin

Xamarin basically is based on the usage of C# and its native libraries are associated with .Net layer for app development. Unlike other apps, Xamarin doesn’t use websites as the framework which actually makes it slower but Xamarin works on single language and runtime that works on three platforms. We at GPC Infotech, write codes which can have all the access to native library hence feel native. User experience and Performance are great in this platform and set side by side with Android and iOS. At GPC, we have professionals with can deal with Xamarin and utilize its capabilities variedly.

xamarin app development company

Xamarin possesses many benefits like:

microsoft mobile development framework

The Xamarin.iOS framework for compiling iOS application

xamarin android app development

Xamarin contains lesser run time error and is a high quality application.

android ios xamarin

It reduces Cost and time of application development.

mobile app development using xamarin

It constitutes of a huge collection of class library.

Services of GPC Softwares

Xamarin Windows yields high performance UWP apps utilizing C# code with minimal cost & time

Services of GPC Softwares

The intermediate language MonoVM + JIT code for Android app development.

 Services of GPC Softwares

It constitutes of a huge collection of class library.

Services of GPC Softwares

The Windows app development tool.

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