Wordpress is free open source Content management System and Blogging tool similar to PHP and MySQL. It is most used and popular blogging system as it can be used by anyone with little internet knowledge to build website. Wordpress is a build as PHP Programming infrastructure but is more than just PHP; it carries extra plug-ins, library and other common practices. The websites built at GPC Infotech are responsive, which adapt to devices they are played into whether it be iPhones mobiles or Desktop PC. Highly functional Codes are produced for better performance, secure blogs and websites, Use of widgets, columns and Multiple page layouts for a competitive website. We even put in the microdata markup so no keywords will be needed to include for search engines. We provide various WordPress services.

Create Your Presence in a stylish way

At GPC Infotech, our expert develops a custom Plugins, modules and themes. We understand the core and how the entire function works. Our experts can develop cutting edge WordPress Plugins and make them work in all available environment while concurring other conflicts with all the PHP skills. We provide you with Website designing and development and complimentarily we even do branding and advertising services to make popular name in market and increase traffic in your website. Our focus largely on customer satisfaction, build up the revenue and ROI of the Enterprise. We follow a structured procedure to develop the program, lead and maintained by the team leads and project manager.

Web Application Development:

We help you build with the Powerful, Compact and high performance Wordpress Website. We are capable of creating a highly innovative and effective website.

Website Design with WordPress

A website with easy and smooth flow through it is possible at GPC Infotech, for an easy User Interface and a responsive design for better users’ experience to stand out of any competitive company.

Migration Services

Migrating from any other website and a stress-free conversion from any other similar pages like Joomla, Drupal or Magento can all be easily handled at GPC Infotech.

Custom Developing:

We design your website such that the cookies and ill functionality can be managed well without any issue for Good UX Model.

Consultation on your Wordpress Projects:

We have been a Software Consultation since ever and this the main business. We can pass on the expertise if need by the company like a piece of cake. We help you exactly on the needs of the website as per the client.

Multisite Development:

We worked on multisite development project earlier and are confident with new working with many forthcoming multisite plugins to make your job easier.

Re-Engineering and Maintenance Services

We let you re-work on your existing Wordpress website and maintenance service to keep an updated websites.

API Integration

We take care of the API Integration and programming to give you a business boosting interface.

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