Like many facets of a good UX design process, the key to a successful User Experience analysis is empathy and desires. The track of user’s path through the application is terms as user flow analysis. This is context in which users use a productor application on various operating systems as Mobile and on Web. We can check what are the users’ expectations and perceptions for the product. With flow analysis, we can track if the application is working or not in the market.

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Set Up Goal:

We set the goals for the business as what expectation does the client keeps. How the user feels how the application.

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Defining the Flow of User:

We use a backward flow process in this, the product one needs to the very start where the process should start.

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Gather Information and Analyzing:

If the user jumps from one stage to other in a flow or random, the rate of movement of various users in the product app etc. can be analyzed and corrected if needed.

Why We?

GPC Infotech are a team of professional techies who believe in working for
customer satisfaction. We have engineers who have a past of more than 6
years of working on various coding languages and User flow analysis is
one of the integral parts of it. We have given results to many clients and helped
them build a reputation that can’t be brought down using our professional skills.

  • Our part in User flow analysis can be beneficial as we have coders
    that have worked on user psychology with what the consumers
    needthrough a number of projects.
  • Analyze the traffic flow to see what’s needed and what not. Viz. Use of
    Navigation bar for surfing, or a single streamed flow in a row, etc.
  • Consulting for already used apps can be analyzed by our team to cross verify
    any drop off points in the app, areas where many users left the product etc.


It tells the journey of a user in which he/she goes around the app.Our Designers at GPC Infotech consider how the user feedbacks, is it fulfilling the requirement, and manipulate the result as it suggests. We even include attraction points in the product which make the user to transact and not just roam through the app, the required results of customers are fulfilled or not, whether they use it correctly everything is compiled in a single development. We let the client track where the consumers entered from and what transaction and surfing took place, the actions the consumers do, etc. so the client can work on post marketing on other social media platforms where the consumers can be reminded of the surfing early that day.

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