Prototyping Before the original can bring up the best.

Checking the mistakes before building the actual product is good to implement proper design flow and the interface. It can lead to building new implementation in the product to give better outputs for the final product. This can be good for saving both Money and Time. Once a draft of your product idea is in the hands of real users, you’ll finally see how they want to use the product. You can then go back and adjust your initial guesswork. The client or investors will get an extra entrust in the product if they get to see the prototype as how the product’s future can be. It also helps in brainstorming ideas. It also helps in marketing and selling the product better than that of presentations and paper work.

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Designing the product on paper to making relevant changes accordingly to decide the final changes and requirements on the product.

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designers build any random design based in verbal discussion and then the implementation for prototype which is checked by the team to give feedbacks to decide the changes in the design and necessities.

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It winds up with fixing up time limit for ideation and giving random ideas to decide what all things can be implemented in the product. 20 min of thinking and 8 crazy random ideas for the product.

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It is a design produced by the designers that follows skeletal mockup, to figure out the usability and accessibility. It won’t give the visible designs but can create a basic architecture of the product.

The benefits of prototyping can be:

The constant influx of change needs constant attention and experience
expertise to retain and grow the existing organic search channel.
And organic search is the first point of contact for a customer and a brand
on the web world which can ignite further engagement for other channels.

  • Testing the product, if feasible or not.
  • It gives a touchable image of the final product.
  • Increase the selling cost by producing demo of the prototype.
  • It can be good for marketing, as it can have in hand images
    of the product coming up.
  • Moreover it is simple and intuitive, makes it easy to understand.

    We at GPC Infotech, invest in prototyping because we understand a little amount of time invested in this can lead to results unaware during play of a blind war and create a final product output. Prototyping can clear the goals if any confusion persists in delivering the ideas verbally. The process of Prototyping includes Sketching, which is used in the early stages of the design process to get new ideas for the product as well as use to identify the users pain point, Mockup Activities, Medium Fidelity Prototyping and High Fidelity Prototyping.

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