Non Functional Testing

Non Functional Testing refers to checking the non-functional aspects of the software application focuses on good quality of software, Response time, Security and Scalability. Considering the performance of the application under high user traffic, whether the application goes stable and able to handle extreme conditions. Hence as per non-functional parameters, it is designed to test the workability of the system. The clients’ satisfaction can be affected by this type of testing. This test is performed after the Functional Testing and helps in validating the performance of software.

system testing vs functional testing

Set Up Goal:

We set the goals for the business as what expectation does the client keeps. How the user feels how the application.

non functional test manager

Defining the Flow of User:

We use a backward flow process in this, the product one needs to the very start where the process should start.

usability testing is functional or nonfunctional

Gather Information and Analyzing:

If the user jumps from one stage to other in a flow or random, the rate of movement of various users in the product app etc. can be analyzed and corrected if needed.

Why Us?

At GPC Infotech, we help in various aspects of testing in Functional or non-Functional both type.
Good software is measured by the amount of people create Login ID on the software.
We are a team of experienced professional working in software industry since more than 6 Years
and all the experienced cumulated makes the work easier for the processing. We help in identifying
the bugs and fixing them, ensuring smooth performance of the software, checking the reliability and
security of the software, verify successful Installation, setup, execution of the software and lastly
maintenance to build a quality software application. All these finally help in reduction of cost and risk of
software to make a good business out of software.

  • Usability Testing
  • Performance testing
  • Compliance Testing
  • Load and Stress Testing
  • Scalability
  • Volume Testing
  • Disaster Recovery Testing
  • Probability Testing


We provide a trustable and error free product which helps you in healthy growing clients. The custom solutions we offer are well-equipped newfangled solutionswhich will highly contribute towards your success. We employ professionals expertized in various tools for Performance tester, Load tester, Open source tools, and assistive tools. GPC Infotech facets the bellow mentioned Non-Functional Testing procedure:

the purpose of functional testing are

Improve Users’ Experience

difference between manual testing and functional testing

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