Apple manufacturer developed an operating system called iOS. Everything each brand works for now is more of providing a better User Experience and Comfort and there as the systems needed upgrade, birth and rise of iOS took place in the industry. We are pride in informing that the professionals at GPC Infotech understand the ins and outs of iOS, the core OS Layer, Core Services Layer, Media Layer,. If you are looking for an advanced iOS developer, with the advanced technology at GPC Infotech, we focus on a specific niche, and produce apps compatible The growth of Apple iOS is highest grossing and predicted to grow to 5 million apps in 2020.

  • App Development doesn’t finish when one feels it is finished, its process goes on with new implications every now and then and has to be updated as per the standard of market grows. One of the key factors for this is the degree of maintenance and bug fixing. Default apps can be built using the iOS system frameworks and the Objective-C programming language.

  • From disclosure and idea through the application accommodation process, iOS Development works through a well ordered gander at the existence cycle covering processes like Discovery, Concept Building to research and build the value proposition, Set Goals to follow up of specific scopes of functions, the required skills for the purpose, making a Wireframe model of process to check for the roadmap, Design & Architecture of the app for making it appealing and engaging UX, Xcode development, Front-end & Back-end Coding & Integration to check for various iterations.which provides the end user to get the best user experience than a traditional UI.

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IOS Development at GPC Infotech

The building of an application of iOS requires extreme precision as
the device is used by mostly the Middle and Upper class of society which
has to work more on digital level than that of the other brands.
The process of Development follows:

How do we do it?

  • Putting the plan in papers to sketch out the process, we find ideas through brainstorming the team and the client to check for requirements. A team is assigned for the market research and check for competition and availability similar functional applications.
  • Fixing the USP of our application is main task in such applications as the recognition in market is only possible when you have a different USP points than others.
  • We design the application as per the Apple’s App Store guidelines in consideration, to get maximum branding of the app. This takes place with a proper knowledge about the guidelines as the design, safety and legal formalities are many and it becomes difficult for a beginner to learn and work but at GPC we have experienced professional already working since a long time on the process and have adequate knowledge about the application requirements
  • We take care about the looks and attractiveness of the application as it attracts a larger crowd towards the application. The Do’s and Don’ts are kept under the priority.
  • Further stages take Publishing and maintaining the applications and promoting it through various social sources are integral part of development.

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