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Search Engine Optimization (SEO), ranks the product or website based on the number of times it is being searched by users. Unlike Google, Amazon ranks the products and climbs them in the list as the word or product is used in its search, basically to keep the product listing optimized and appealing to the customers. Amazon actually evaluates the search result in its algorithm, which deploys multiple parameters to checking for the products in the library and computes the relevancy with other similar products. This takes place with the use of different categories search and filters for the product.It makes the use of Keywords, List or Grid view searches, Sponsored Products, filtered results and ratings to products.

How Do We Do?

  • The Product Title: Keeping all the relevant information in a comprehensive mannered title with brand name, color, Quantity and Material.
  • Research on Keywords to know the Product Keywords: Selecting the best keyword frequently used for product search and analyzing the traffic on different keywords.

  • Pricing of Product: Selecting a product cost based on the competition and a reasonable amount. Trying lower price can even chisel out the smaller brands.

  • of the Product: Using an attractive image can change the perception about the product; high definition images can indirectly help us in increasing the SEO.

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Backend research on Product’s Keywords: Keywords search and keeping a library of it, Product’s misspelling should be checked, and synonyms relation for products being search needs to be rectified at the backend.

Product Optimization

The SEO is a great tool to look after if you in the sales through Amazon
as people find it boring to surf the search for more than 3 pages of the
search results, being on the top will eventually help you in making
the revenue easier. The Algorithm chooses which product needs to be
shown on the top with the relevance with the keywords searched,
preferences by the previous customers and the number of purchases.
The algorithm used to rank Search rankings are divided in Explicit
and Implicit factors. Explicit include Pricing, Stock Supply and Relevancy
of text while implicit includes pace of sales of a product.

What Else?

  • Setting up and Maintaining Client’s Account
  • Auditing of Account
  • Product list optimization
  • Research and enlisting the competition
  • Other Ongoing Optimizations
  • PPC Services

Amazon Keyword Research

Bidding on keywords can be a driving force for improving visibility of the search results. As per the search result, our researchers search for as many as possible for making the relevance for the product to be high on search result. We understand the mentality of the customer which needs exact searched product as per their search and putting up the synonym relevance with the product is a unique feature of GPC so if a synonymous word is searched we provide the customer with the exact result. We maintain a systemized work for keeping our data, so if we deal with similar product from various clients, we are full of keywords kept safe with our library.

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Reliable Conversion Tracking.

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Generate Quality Leads.

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Drive the right traffic to you.

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Set your own budget and Cost.

amazon product keywords

Build your business.

Amazon Product Optimization:

GPC Infotech’s Amazon Product Optimization Ensures high quality and confirm ranking on the top 10 Listed products.

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