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Smart Meter Installation

At GPC infotech, we are actively involved in providing world class Electrical Smart Meter Installation. At the same time, we are also involved in providing transmission lines of different transformers. We provide our services at a low cost and are very stable in comparison to the industry. The services of our company are appreciated by our customers. The reason being, better production and loyalty of our company towards them.

We make it easy for our clients to satisfy their short-term demand of workers possessing a special set of skills. This is achieved because we have a huge system of applicants who are well-equipped with the knowledge and qualifications required.

Benefits of dealing with us


By utilizing the services of our company, you will save a lot of your invaluable time. We do all the recruitment work for you, according to your needs. It will enable you to utilize your time to tend to other important work such as growth and administration.


The workforce we provide you with, are competent and willing to work. As a result, the problem of instability of workforce is not encountered. They are willing to work and you will not have to worry about the unfavorable scenario of loss of workers until all work is complete.


As an Organisation, we have earned 5 years’ experience in recruiting different kinds of workforce. We provide skilled workforces for different kind of jobs, even at short notices. Furthermore, we have a team of managers who carry out efficient screening to ensure you get the best workforce. Thus, in this way, we can guarantee you, expertise in every field of our company.