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The GPC Infotech Digital Marketing Program gives you an in-depth understanding and knowledge of digital marketing including real-world projects to gain domain exposure to make you job ready. Enhance your digital marketing skills with GPC Infotech. Avail best-in-class practical sessions and tutorials with experienced trainers of the digital marketing industry. Attain a complete understanding of digital marketing processes along with industrial projects at an affordable price.

Digital Marketing Course Module
  • Website Planning, Designing & Creation
    • Every second success story depends on the amount of public they reach and this becomes easy if you have User friendly Application Design whether it be through Mobile Application or Web applications. Laptops and Desktops works with various kinds of Applications Designed by us to extent of professional level and we accept challenges to produce a precise piece of result as per needed by the client.

  • Search Engine Optimization
    • SEO lets you know how good you perform on internet and Search Engines. We teach you increase the number of visitors to your website and increase your rank on search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

  • Search Engine Marketing (AdWords/SEM/PPC)
    • SEM is process of directing highly targeted visitors to one’s website. SEM covers top level marketing concepts and it is a better advertising strategy than SEO as it includes higher number of features viz. Pay per Click (PPC), AdWords etc. Purchase and usage of proper keywords to execute positive outcomes.

  • Social Media Optimization
    • Social media is transforming with a great pace in present and is a huge opportunity to create business. This uses mainly Facebook, Twitter, Google and many web based applications, hence called social Media optimization. It is a boom in the industry can lead to many job opportunities. Join GPC Softwares and become an expert in online social media marketing.

  • Affiliate Marketing
    • When the company pays compensation to 3rd party for publishing the product details on various platforms to generate traffic to the website is called Affiliate Marketing. The publisher gets paid by the company they advertise for. Amazon is a major practitioner of the process but to learn how to work on publishing needs a set of specialized skill such as blogging and posting on websites. It is a billion dollar industry and made marketing a special stream of study.

  • Online Reputation Management
    • Name and branding is very necessary for an Organization, various entities on Web or any Individual. Online reputation management (ORM) is a process of drafting such strategy and shaping the Perception about the company and services. Creating a proactive Marketing Strategies, Managing the Search Engine result pages, Multi-channel Strategies, using social media analysis to determine a company's status etc. are taught briefly at GPC Softwares.

  • Geo-Targeting
    • PPC is also termed as Geo-Targeting, which depends on providing the product to the consumer based on geographic locations. In SEM, the local population is mainly targeted. Various advertising websites uses options to specify locations of advertising. It is business campaign which depends on the foot traffic like Restaurants and Shopping stores. It upgrades the cost-effectiveness of marketing programs.

  • E-commerce Marketing
    • As other marketing strategies, E-Commerce marketing uses all digital channels like Email Marketing, SEO and SMO for growing and promoting the product or business i.e. it tours all digital media marketing available in the market. It aware the consumers about any specific product or business through various above mentioned media platforms. It uses inbound and digital marketing strategy to convert visitors into customers but varies the process of using the strategy.

  • Content Marketing & Management
    • Marketing is Impossible without a great content. resolve their issues. Content marketing is issued by many brands. Content marketing helps you Delivering beneficial, pertinent and dependable content could attract a large number population. Content marketing provides with the precise information about the product, and find better customers who possess more loyalty to the product. If you are ready to learn more, let us help.

  • Web Analytics
    • Web Analytics is used for betterment of experience of customers online and is a virtuous cycle of website optimization. It lets companies to produce an authoritative data-driven culture and measure customer reciprocation and interaction with website. It helps in Measurement of return on Investment and simultaneously optimization of website through collect, measure, report and analyze the data.

  • Video Marketing
    • It includes creating an article video by making 30 seconds to 5 minutes video on specific topic for advertising. These videos are then marketed and spread through social media platforms and various screen sources. It includes making text to videos and giving voice over for these or shooting videos as per customer testimonials, live streams and viral entertaining content. It can be used for making customer sympathy to promoting a brand or product.

  • Email Marketing
    • Email marketing best practices include developing your own email list rather than buying an email list(s) and making participation in your email list opt-in rather than opt-out (using permission-based email marketing). Email should also be optimized for mobile usage as according to statistics over half of emails are opened on mobile devices.

  • Fundamental of Google AdSense
    • It is a type of advertising for publishers who want to targeted display text, images and video for their website pages is done through Google AdSense. These are maintained by Google and Publishers independently and create or copy paste content for ads. It uses PPC or pay per impression basis to earn revenue. Google currently provides many a programs for publishing the ads on respective websites. Many part time bloggers and large industries take assistance from Google AdSense. The knowledge required for posting the right content for the ads can be easily and thoroughly learnt at GPC Softwares.

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  • GPC Infotech are more than a digital marketing institution. We are a trusted partner and collaborator building results-oriented strategies dedicated to continual refinement of campaigns to optimize the business performances and outcomes.
  • Our complete range of strategy keeps an eye on enhancing the ROI for your business through right planning, execution, and reporting.
  • Our real-world expertise brings excellence in the execution of digital marketing plans, from managing paid marketing like AdWords, Twitter, Facebook to social media community management, video online marketing with all types of content creation like a case study, white papers, blog, article etc.
  • Our digital marketing specialists will transform you with complete digital marketing expertise in core domains: search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social media, conversion optimization, content marketing, digital analytics, mobile, and email marketing.
  • Fast-track your career today with GPC Infotech!
  • Our program teaches you smart online sales & marketing secrets of the traits.

Smart Inbound marketing

  • Map business to the right audience (with smart content creation & execution). Also, design a conversion path that facilitates business growth.

Effective Search Engine Optimization

  • Search is the most prominent way where your customers can find detail about your business irrespective of the organizations and business verticals. GPC provide you clear, actionable, and effectively best SEO strategies.

Quick-witted Social Media Management

  • GPC effectively engages your business with your target audiences. Allow us to show you how to use such incredibly powerful marketing/advertising channels without broadcasting at a 2-way marketplace.

Prompt Email Marketing

  • It is a modern online communication way which is very effective. Detail your customers and begin segmenting customers’ requirements intelligently based on their activity.

Social Media Optimization

  • It is a perfect combination of both the worlds of Social Media and Search Engine Optimization. It makes us Co-exists between online visibility and customer interaction which can improve the website organic search result. It can link our social media accounts with our website.

Pay Per Click

  • PPC is an online marketing for advertisers marketing through posting their business on various social platforms and directed to their websites when clicked by the consumers. The payment of this type of marketing is produced by the advertiser to the social network as per the number of clicks. It drives the right traffic for which the product matters, to the website. It helps to control costs and works on budgets.

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