We surf on different websites every-day, wondering if it is the programmers who think of a beautiful website idea is a traveller who posts such a beautiful pictures or is he a dreamer fantasizes things and put up in a form of a dashing looking website. Moreover, it’s a bunch of professionalin web application designing company for inculcating ideas in a place and merging to make up an eye-catchy and charming web design. All it takes is keeping an up-to-date content on the website to keep people engaged. Some talents needs a year to learn the process of what the viewer requires and some takes several extra years to understand this. A good Content update from various blogs and posts can make you an update master.

                What does it take to Build an attractive website and keep your website updated and ready to use. Funny GIFs and Animations are not enough, they don’t attract customers anymore, taking an example of Cricket game it’s clearly visible this generation is shifting to T20 Matches rather seeing 50 overs match, people are short of time and need everything on the go. So how do you create an attraction in a webpage? What if they visit and don’t stay long on the website? What to do to make them visit again to your site? Few points can be noted necessary to do so:

  1. Unnecessary Advancements: Designing is an art, shows the creativity of the Web designers but over- designing and too much innovations can also be a drawback. People see the website and they are confused to what to do with it, it can be fallout for the development, they would prefer to walk away rather than finding that one thing on your website. Users should feel comfortable with the website and the flow through it. Implementing too much features the website can also lead to slowing the website as it affects the niche.
  2. Navigation Easiness: How good you make a roadmap for the website is good thing to talk about. Imagine one lazy chap decided to go to the park and shred some fat and on reaching couldn’t find the entry gate, he would be highly prone to leave the plan and get back to his comfort-zone and that is how bad the developer-customer relation can be at times. It is about how easily customer surfs through the website and can easily run through it to meet the goal because that’s what they are at your website for and finally gets attached to visit again and again. A great start up and appealing UI is not enough to keep the user attached, it is about how good they get the result. But yes, putting up little implications and sensual words can improve the standard.
  3. Use of proper Contrast and Tabs: A right contrast is equally important as the content of the website, you don’t put up content on website, putting a blank page or you don’t manage the contrast and Tabs. A good website will always have different text sizes, different colors mentioning various texts, and background colors. It makes it easy for the user to know which all are important texts, which is to click is and which can be ignored. A good background color mentions the subtle way of watching an image of your App development that the developers wants to represent as their positives.
  4. Leaving free spaces: All these years we have seen many websites, filled with advertisements, pamphlets and images, but is it worth? Take example of GPC Softwares, free spaces put up on right places, make it looks premium and sophisticated to glance through. Showing the customers what they want to look at and having a stream lined go through is a good thing and it even enhances the content matter as that is the only thing to watch and concentrate on to. But innovations can persist when we put different colored free spaces, it is like nothing is done but so much is still done.
  5. Updating your Services: Finally it is about how good and how many services one provide. Being a designer it may be not your job to put up services but having a higher number of services in the company profile makes it first choice for users to choose you but keep in touch with the old services too so they can be recommended to others by the current users. An extra toggle in services will make the web page longer and more attractive for the users to know and gasp a breath of “Oh!! They are into this too”. 

Evaluating the number of visits on the website is a good thing to work; designers have to think critically on stuffs to understand what is working and what is going wrong. Designers in institutions like GPC Softwares’ basically answer these interview questions of what you are, what is your aim and audience, where you want to reach in years from now, all have to be answered through a visual language. It’s better to find some time from calculation of profits and appoint some time from your schedule to design good ideas for the website.