Search Engine Optimization is the most important part of Digital Marketing. It is a constantly evolving process. In 2020, we can expect further updates, both from search engines and Search Engine Optimization Company. There have already been updates in the year in the last three months, like Maverick Update, the BERT Update and Site Diversity etc.

Not to mention, SEO is highly preferred by the website owners with various brand sizes, so the site appears on top of list. And finally the aspiration of the companies is to get higher number of calls and queries. Conclusively, these basically give higher visibility for the audience and lead more organic traffic.

Search Engine Optimization Company

The Search Engine Optimization Company trends for 2020

In the same fashion, here in the coming paragraphs, I am about to tell you, how SEO can effect your company. With the advancements in technology, ranking high and keeping the race on is important. For the year 2020, the required stpes are as follows.

The SERP will top the trend –

In the first place, the SEO is not same anymore as were in the past. The ad shares have increased and the answer boxes as well as the snippets are getting higher number of clicks. Consequently, these clicks and snippets have decreased the organic search to 10% which was 50% once.

The Zero-click searches have increased meaning the answer is provided to the customer then and there. The customer no more needs to open the link or website to find an answer. This will make the SEO even difficult in the coming future. Various tools will be required to check if the webpage is effective enough to make any change in organic searches.

Better Keyword Research –

Google Search Engine Optimization is more about giving answers and no more search engine. Keywords are used in access today and the relevance of those is answered by Google. Hence the Keyword will rest on the base of Keyword research. You can research keywords through Google Keyword planner, SEMRush, Ahrefs, UberSuggest. Approach the keywords by searching the topics and not the related keywords you know. The searching customer will use their intent and not the keyword to find what they need.

Use influencers for ranking high –

Today, the effectiveness of your content increases with the way you present it to world. Engagement increases with public interest and public gets interested in influencers and the type of content.

Better SEO with Voice Results –

Alexa and Siri are no new technologies today. Voice based searches costs almost $25 billion in 2019 and will rise to $40 billion by 2022. Invest in giving high results on voice search results. Google usually answers with three different ways, Direct Answer Questions (What, Which, Where, Who etc.), Short Answer Questions (Why, May be, Can etc.) and Long Answer Questions (How).

Popularity and Engagement are going to be the Key –

To say nothing of, more than half of the authorities of sales are from local vendors. The key factor of local markets will decrease a little but still be in the major authorization in 2020. For example, if there is a famous local bread store among the local population, they won’t prefer online bread orders. Ultimately, people in such case don’t require any search engine to find famous bread provider around.


The study published suggests that engagements are the factor for a local SEO in 2020. Entity popularity is mentioned mostly based on the fact that they receive business based on the social media, forums, articles and videos published. In a local SEO, mentioning links is a better option on ads but even if the links are not mentioned, doesn’t affect the SEO much. Entity Engagement is measured by – the number of positive feedbacks for your company, the recommendations you receive, the number of people who save your number in their phones and number of searches on Google Maps.

Using Video Advertisement for SEO Strategy –

Video Marketing never gets old, and even in 2020, it will be on high demand. Stats predict almost steady rate of SEO results since the last two years through video publications. More than 97% of people agree to the knowledge they gain for learning are from YouTube videos. Hence, SEO strategy incorporating Videos is a beneficial bid.

Here are some better ways to ad through video. First thing first, the use a great looking thumbnail, accurate schema tags, upload video on multiple platforms, proper caption and transcript and lastly an attractive title description.

Content focused on Expertise, Authority and Trustworthy –

Google is getting better every day and with BERT Update. In contrast, BERT abbreviates to Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers. Notably, it is a core update that for the search algorithm that comprehends the intent searchers behind the query.

  • Expertise – The page needs quality content managed by experts.
  • Authority – The website should have authority of the subject.
  • Trustworthy – Customer should feel a trustworthiness in the site with the link they are provided.

Data Focus –

On publishing, the Search Engine Optimization Company should check for the Quality and Quantity of the data. However, the right strategy for tracking the behavior, the keyword search and the optimization of site is necessary. It signifies the right direction of SEO works with a proper visualization of info using data science. Altogether, analysis makes sure which data is liked by customers and how they need the landing page.  

Mobile Compatibility –

At last, the website should be mobile phone compatible, as Google ranks the mobile friendly website higher. Most of searches are on mobile phone and they decide whether the customer will buy a product from specific company. Lastly, in 2020, a site is expected to be user friendly for a better SEO.


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