We have been interviewing many full time developers. We have come to a point that there is a need to conclude the pros and cons of PHP Website Development. They gave many hints for the beginners as well as pointers for intermediate and advance level coders. The questions are quite general, like what makes PHP so good? What are some PHP Drawbacks? And what are best Apps for PHP and cleverest hacks?

Tangled –

The platform has high number of features and due to same reason, it becomes a limitation. PHP generally is a flexible language and for accomplishing a task, numerous methods can be used. It is a great thing for the innovative and curious minded workers. But it becomes really difficult for other people to pick from the point you leave off. Debugging and Refactoring is a nightmare when the existing program is 98% done and you still know 3% of the project. This follows a lots and lots of coding entangled among each other.

Security –

PHP has its biggest strength as because of its ubiquity and relative ease. It can be useful in everything and anything in terms of web development. PHP Website Design runs on every current operating system which later is benefitted by various other frameworks like Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. The ease is good and bad at times; the easiness to learn makes it highly vulnerable for many to leak out data. There are many cases of insecure PHP Applications and non-developers were the one who hacked it. But PHP is such a great framework; it has given lots of its hand in deployment of Facebook.

Not much for the Entry –

A consultant, a developer and writer-speaker have given the best advice. Anyone can program in PHP and works a low entry barrier makes it useful and easy at the same time. Anyone can solve problems with PHP with getting their hands into it though but yes, you have to get your hands dirty. PHP has is an open source and handles many administrative servers over the web.

Flexible yet Scattered –

Anyone from a level of junior developer to the most senior level, adaptability is the most important thing. Having resources to worry about setting resources ahead of time is given least priority today, PHP is more of getting the work done kind of language. It is actually the most known limitation of PHP, as the standards of web development are lost at times.

PHP has limitations and advantages which are further more than the disadvantages though, PHP Website Development offered services those were out of the box. PHP has lacked the features that contain about various parameters of its in-built functions. There are features those are outstanding like the way it supports OOP and wonderful standard public library. Few of the favorite PHP developed sites are Flickr, Wikipedia, Threadless, etc.


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