It is one of the most trusted cross platform app development framework. React native is a great alternative for native mobile app development. The approach is better useful in developing apps for both Android and IOS apps development. React Native Services are the rising mobile solution provider and is the future of Cross-platform mobile app development. We will cover the benefits and also the “not a good choice” section for understanding when to use it.

React Native Services, React Mobile Web App

React Native being an open-source framework allowing building mobile app using just JavaScript. It was developed by Facebook and has distinctive yet useful features for user-friendly support. The UI functions like Native apps and is faster yet least expensive compared to other app development tools. Let us see some of the advantages and challenges for using react native for app development –

Advantages of React Native Services –

Large community –

It is an open source platform and documentation is open for all to see and use. As the resource is open, the community also gets to use similar tools are for developments. A problem for one can be easy for the other and this is how the community can be useful. The open source working also showcases the work to all and hence the product gets the basic popularity in developing stages.

Reusability –

It is one of the most important advantages. The developers don’t require to develop separate mobile app for every platform.  More than 90% of codes of React Native are feasible for reusing on iOS and Android development.

Simple UI –

On comparison with the AngularJS or MeteorJS, JavaScript is very easy to work with and has a bigger library. React Mobile Web App on its own forms a sequence of actions for building mobile app. Designing of its interface is to express a higher responsive, decreased load time and smoother feel for users.

It is third-party plug-in support –

It may have some lacking components in its core framework but has two third of party plug-ins with Native modules and JavaScript modules. Some of the most popular plug-ins in react native are React Native Selectme, React Native Router Flux, React Native Vector Icons, React Native Modalbox ,React Native Gifted Spinner and React Native Drawer.

The architecture –

It is software design technique which separates the functionality of program into several independent and interchangeable blocks. It offers flexibility for development team and update generation becomes easy.

Reloading is live and hot –

Live reloading reads and compiles a file to new file simulator which automatically reloads the app from starting point. Hot reloading on the other hand is Hot module based replacement and can be seen working in program without compiling the code.

Huge number of Solutions and libraries –

Finally, It has an impressive list of ready-made solutions and libraries for app development. It has testing libraries, like Jest, Enzyme, Chai, Mocha; type checking tools like PropTypes and Flow.


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