Evolution of Market has brought many changes in the methodologies and the Nomenclature. We have been worrying about jargon and acronyms which confuses the customer. We ourselves use many a things, even successfully but still stay confused on Names. SEO and SEM are such terms that we often get confused about. But there is no denial that using these as can leverage us to great results. Let us see the best Top Search Engine Optimization strategies in the articles.

Top Search Engine Optimization

Difference among the two – SEO and SEM

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is said to be a part of SEM – Search Engine Marketing. It encompasses both paid and organic tactics. But as the market is now changed, SEM is more into the paid advertisements. The purchasing of ads on search engines is considered mainly under Search engine marketing.

On the other hand, we have SEO which deals with getting traffic free, organically or through natural processes. But if you are planning to start a business or market your firm, these both should be in the strategy.

Top Search Engine Optimization Strategies –

SEO is uses the ever-changing algorithms of Google and continually evolve to build brands. The SEO work constitutes two types of works, On-page activity and Off-page activity.

On-Page Activity –

The very first thing is to optimize the Meta description of website or the online presence of company. The Meta headings, heading Tags and image ALT tags all includes the On-page activity. The content should be well written, optimized with keywords placed well and healthy to get customer. Optimization of Page loading and Social Integration are the other main processes.

Off-Page Activity –

Linking the site to other websites are some of the other activities of the SEO. One can just upload advertisements on other website and give a connecting link to the parent website. Blog and article postings are one of the prominent ideas for giving a reference to people about the site. This Google algorithm reads the number of places the company’s website is linked and shortlists it to the top.

Social Sites are also useful in this method; all the marketer has to do is increase the website traffic by posting stuff on Social platforms. Social Bookmarking and Blog commenting are the latest found SEO activities which proved to be the Best Online Advertising strategy.

The marketer needs to depend on quality content posting with a high quality blog and a high DA ranked website. This will promote the brand and possess superiority online. Always pay attention to the On-page and off page tactics and ensure the landing page, web copy and articles get optimized well.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) –

SEM involves the visibility on internet through paid Search Engine channels, like Google. The advertisements are usually Pay per click ads or Google Adverts. PPC Advertisements allows the potential buyers to go to the product directly by just clicking the image or link. However, the advertiser will be charged as soon the customers click the ad. So search Engines don’t take any responsibility of building the ad interesting. Moreover, it is the advertiser who is investing needs to deploy right keyword to market efficiently.

So, the Marketer has to worry about little points for marketing the product right, such as –

  • Launching the Ad among the perfect audience.
  • Creating the target keyword well and check for sight variations too.
  • Set a budget and place the bid with the most accurate amount.
  • Check for the statistics, clicks, impressions and average cost per click.

Which is better to choose from?

There are few things to like from both of the marketing techniques. SEO has content management which becomes the base of SEM. Both can be used for B2B inbound marketing. One should start with SEO and as the company starts getting the required market, they can swap to going for SEM.


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