Apps are the most prominent base of a phone for calling phone Smart. Android is the oldest form of the framework and has the highest earnings to date. Android App Development Company takes most of the advantages of technology and builds applications. Apps bring enormous benefits to the lives of common people today and have drastically transformed the basic human function today.

Programmers have changed their direction of working to this platform and started designing, building and deploying apps of their own on mobile app stores. For all the beginners, we here present the fundamentals for programming Android Apps.

Mastering the Language for Top Mobile App Companies–

The main two languages that are used in Android Development are Java and XML. The developer is assumed to be expert in these two languages to start with the development of the Android App. Some of the JAVA Programming languages include the packages installation, Object and Classes knowledge, Understanding on Inheritance and Interfaces with collections and the concurrency of tools.

Understanding the Development Tools and Environments –

Before starting to develop the application, it is important to understand and have a clear picture of the work you are about to start. The understanding of the apps you are into is through a flow chart of processes and build automation tools for the project. For building an app, use the Android App studio IDE which can help you learn the basics of development and various other things to improve the codes. These basics should be clear in the developers’ mind to get into Top Mobile App Companies.

In-depth knowledge of Components for Application –

Application components play an important role in building an android app. every component is different from the other and these components have the capability of making the difference of attracting the customer. The components usually play differently and are not reliable to each other but some of them might be relying on the other or have their entry point from other components. It is the developers’ duty to understand this at the very start and make a program to work exactly from the beginning.

In general, these components categorization includes –

Activity Component – These are the UI that actually function on command as per the users’ need. Complete activities work altogether to make the cohesive user experience of the app even if they are independent of the others.

Services – The component that works in the background in performing the remote processes or long-running operation are services tool. These may be the ones you can use for simultaneous usage like the music playing apps. Although, the services components don’t offer the User Interface they are important.

The content providing app – These are the ones that provide the app data to the developers. The storing of data is either in the file system or in any database. The database selection should be so that the app components can be modified or queried on later stages. The writing and reading of data are also available in the app for private or shared usage.

The Broadcast Receivers – the system that replies to the broadcast announcements are broadcast Receivers. They don’t display a user interface to the users and are originating from the system.

Activating Components – It is a synchronous message that activates 3-4 components simultaneously. This binds individual component to each other during the runtime.

Knowledge of Android Application, Threads, Strings, Loaders and Tasks –

Android has a varied market with several devices and operating system versions. The higher the number of systems or versions, it requires higher maintenance and updates. There will be a need for different Fonts, Assets and layout to make sure the user experience is best. The developer should be knowledgeable about the array of supported sensors and UI Facilities.  If the developer needs the app to run in the background, it is important to understand the thread should never be blocked. So the knowledge of Java concurrency becomes an important aspect.

Choosing the right tool –

Simple tools are usually kept open and available for all the platforms from Android to iOS to Linux and Windows. There are documents available on search engines about the correct installation of the development environment. A developer should understand the parameters for writing the app like Performance and Responsiveness management, Lags in the systems and the Limited Resources.

Wrapping it up –

To conclude, we know almost all of us today have a phone in hand and spend the almost whole day in or out of the phone. In fact, more than 200 Billion apps are downloaded in 2017. This is a relevant sign that the future of developers in Android App Development Company is most reliable and stable. In this article, we have mentioned the basics of android development for beginners.


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