Talk about amazing website, Dot Net Programming offers precisely what the developers need today. It is a Microsoft Framework used in building Web Applications. It has various versions such as Web Forms, ASP.Net MVC and ASP.Net web pages. These all are commutatively or separately useful in web app development.

Furthermore, choosing the development tool is completely on the shoulders of the developers. It also takes into consideration the type of software you are building. Development of a website in Dot Net Development Company is the latter part. Additionally, choosing a company is based on the skills and development experience of the company. Microsoft has provided most solutions through this but is a little difficult at times to understand. Let us move forward on why we should be claiming .Net development for the website development approach.

dot net development company
dot net development company

Dot Net Programming Pages –

Notably, .Net offers a fast, simple, lightweight and easily approachable web page development. It merges with HTML and creates a dynamic website. It contains features to connect with the database or any social link and it helps in creating a beautiful website.

Model view controller (MVC) –

For building a dynamic website, ASP.Net gives a powerful and a pattern base method. .Net provides a clean and complete control over markup language for faster development. It has a TDD Friendly development that using latest web standard.

WebForms –

Considering Web forms in ASP.Net, as per the event, drag and drop feature is also available. It helps in building a dynamic website, a well-designed surface and many controls.  

Furthermore,, the three frameworks mentioned above are completely based on the .Net Framework and has the features of .Net and ASP.Net. The three frameworks though are not independent of each other. The frameworks carry capability of coexistence making it different from others and write through various source frameworks.

Few of the Dot Net Features –

Many tools are available online that help development but we will see only a limited amount of the features –

  1. Bundling – it helps in forming bundles and minimizing the size of the script and the sheet of the app. It gives a great impact on the website by making it faster and providing greater optimization.
  2. Greater Data Control – It gives a strong typed data control. Just by assigning the type of item which is associated with the data control used in your .aspx pages.
  3. Model Binding and isolating the website – Admittedly, it enables the development of web forms which make traffic in the view. The main advantage is unit testing the method through the System web model binding tool.
  4. Supports OpenID and OAuth Login – External services can be used to login into your application through ASP.Net. It can be said that transferring the additional data is possible through this.
  5. Gives support for improved Paging in Grid View Control – there is an improvement in Grid View control in ASP.Net. The benefits it gives are customized paging property which supports paging and sorting the data.
  6. Webstocks support – We know the functions of Webstock are to build a duplex communication between the client browser and the webserver. Notably, the benefits are now available in Dot Net Programming apps too.

Final Benefits –

There are so many advantages of being into .Net web development. Consequently, it lets us update the website less often than required in any other framework. The speed of development is faster in .Net applications. The deployment of Web application on fly updation is possible in ASP.Net and doesn’t require restarting of the server. Being a server-side tool, it has automatic state management for page control. However, .Net has another feature of providing support to XML, CSS and many others. Some of the main benefits without comparing to other frameworks can be stated as –

  • Improved UI Controls
  • Secured
  • Easy integration
  • Stability
  • Scalable
  • Better MVC Architecture
  • Agile development and Deployment
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