Developing an App once and using it again and again is none less than a wish come true for developers. Indeed, many tools are out there working on cross platform and multiple use code but the leading of them all is Xamarin App Development Company. Xamarin gives an easy maintenance, cheap in building and great testing experience.

Particularly, SDK is the very first thing that comes in mind of a developer to start with. A desktop application developer will choose Java for the backend Android development. The language is easy and firm gripping on developing Android application. Objective C and Swift are the two common platforms for iOS development frameworks. But still, there was a long lasting need of cross platform app builder tool. Some lacked API some had issues of quirky user experience but nothing matched Xamarin.

Xamarin –

The cross platform app development platform that is native but available to develop applications for Android, iOS and Windows phone using C# and .Net technology. Accordingly, the use of C# and .Net makes it useful in developing great user Interface, Notification, animation, graphics and various other features. Xamarin takes care of even the new updates in Android and iOS too by binding with the new APIs.

Xamarin gives access to special features like Generics, Garbage collection, Data Types, Language Integration, asynchronous programming patterns, subset of windows communication foundation (WCF). It has a huge library useful in taking reference components and linger the development. Xamarin forms a layer over the UI bindings and Windows Mobile API making it a complete cross-platform UI Library.

A cross platform App Writing –

Xamarin Android App Development chooses mainly these two types of projects –

  • Portable Class Library (PCL) – This allows writing code that can be shared among various platforms for which it is targeted. Accordingly, implementation of same interface can be provided during the runtime.
  • Shared Projects – It gives higher comfort and control allowing writing platform specific code for every platform we want to support. The coding in the project can be compiler directed that can be enabled or disables depending on the usage in the code. Shared project doesn’t produce DLL and can be included directly into the final project.

Approach of Xamarin App Development Company in Providing Structure to Cross platform code –

To conclude with, Cross platform code and reusable coding development mainly saves the development cost. The need of hour is to have structurally right code that makes life easier. A developer can understand the importance of bug-free secured code. Additionally, Xamarin offers a well organized mechanism in writing a reusable cross platform code in really easy manner. Mobile Developers has to go through similar problem of writing codes again and again for same logic to support iOS, Android and Windows. Xamarin gives an access to write one code and use multiple times. The concept of MVVM Cross comes into existence. It is MVVM pattern of Xamarin which comes with a huge library, handy cross platform application development and high end utility technology.


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