It is important to manage the SEO of a website, working on PHP Web Design, the internal coding and coding appearance play a vital role. Every website we have on internet doest the Search engine optimization to rank higher on sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The Search engines segregate the good websites from the bad ones and present the best on the top as per the SEO activity the site does. With a huge market in front of the developers to reach, the Internet becomes the biggest support for any business.

PHP Web Design
PHP Web Design

Here in this article, we present the best tricks and techniques that can be used in PHP Web Development Services to improve the SEO –

What to expect from PHP Web Design

The expectations are always high when developing a website but what happens when the website is complete and there are lots of things that are missing. What if there are not enough tags for Google to recognize the site? Adding keywords will increase the performance, and then it further modifications to balance the attractiveness of it. Then there are factors like bouncing off the website. Google works by checking for the bounce rate and checks the visitors leaving the website earlier than the website actually loading. Google presumes the website as old, inactive or bad in design.

The website requires a lower bounce rate, for improving the ranking and visibility. High visibility improves the level of trust in the website. There should be an analysis of the website before it is launched on the net and check for the codes and the internal SEO tags.

The layout of Design –

A website requires an attractive layout to make an appealing website that is likeable in the very first impression. For making an attractive website, one must go for the trendy ones. In-trend materials which will tell exactly what the customers are expecting to watch online. As a brief description in mind, the website needs to have great UI Interactive Design, Video background and Multi-Grid Layout.

A Mobile-friendly website –

Everywhere around the world, each one of us today owns a smartphone or iPhone. It is about the convenience of the user to use the technology and see whatever they want to browse. When they come across a website through a blog on a specific page of interest, they try to open it on phone. It is the responsibility of the developer to make the website such that user can open it anywhere they want. The points here to be noted in making a mobile-friendly website are Increasing the font size, add the viewport tags and make a responsive layout of the website.

The colours of Website –

The only difference a large company pursues that the smaller once don’t are the colours and the detailing. A great website colour scheme should always be relevant to the brands’ identity. In today’s world, two or three colours are enough to create a website with a vibrant theme.

Meta Tags variations –

Meta Tags signifies the title, description, indexing and very important “Keywords”. Search Engines check these meta tags first before ranking the site. The site should have keywords in a small, unique and specific manner. Specific jobs provided by the company are useful for making it unique and rank higher than others.

Use the least of Design –

An SEO booster technique is Minimal Web Design. In this technique, the visual quality of the design is much straighter to point and easily understandable. Minimal Web design provides an appealing look to the website with an SEO friendly web designing.

CSS Coding –

The heart of the coding is what lies within the website, the CSS Coding. Minimal usage of CSS codes is termed well designed. CSS Compression is something that reduces the use of CSS and speeds up the website and decreases the download time. Faster speed means higher performance and an SEO boost.


There are further many things to take care of to boost the PHP Web Design like JavaScript Removal, W3C Coding and Validating, Checking Broken and Duplicate Links, Readable URL Structures, ALT Description, Script Syntax and of course the Content on Website. Having all these features helps in giving a well designed, clean coding and fast website. An agile website for making successful visible content makes a website far more popular and the company into a brand.


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