A Computer without an Operating System is just a waste, similar goes with mobile phones. Apple in 2007, has changed the game by launching an iPhone. It just gave a start to new iOS Development Agency which started making apps for the iPhone in different platforms. Today, there are more than Million developers just in the USA working on developing an iOS application.

iPhone has evolved in the last eight years and its framework to has changed. It gave reality to the imaginations of many. Like the latest in Augmented Reality feature which can click videos of user with a dinosaur or Pokémon in background. It can be very happening to imagine a decade ago but now it is the reality. Other similar features like Siri, iCloud, Apple pay, Face Time and many such integrations inside the iPhone.

What is iOS Development Agency being doing?

We explain a few of the technical evolutions iOS has seen since the very start until today in 2019. A brief explanation of the changes in the functionality of the iPhone and other Apple devices are put below in a hierarchy. Apple launched the first touch-centric Mobile operating system with the iPhone, which still is instantaneous hit due to its Operating System. The usability and gestures were of supreme quality. It had a multi-touch gesture, visual voicemail, Mobile browsing and the YouTube app. Introduction to a toggle with the app in the following year which gave a short cut access to Mail, Maps, Weather, Notes and Stocks.

The very same year in 2008, Top iPhone App Developers and the collaborative Apple Employees came out with the concept of iPhone 3G came into the iPhone with the second version of the iPhone. iPhone 3 came up with the idea of multimedia messages, Voice control, Spotlight search and landscape view keyboard. This is a realization for everyone that the technology is on a run. IPhone will be advancing with a hike in the next few years. IPad and iPod came into existence for a song with videos on the small screen device and large screen mobile with various added up features.

Then just after a week of the death of Steve Job, the founding member and CEO of Apple, Apple released iOS 5, which had virtual assistants in the Mobiles with the name Siri, which helped in providing voice over messages and solution through the internet. The notification, iMessage, Reminder, Newsstand and very important the connectivity without Cord, a Bluetooth sharing option came into existence.

To Summarise

With developments in the OS, iOS Development Agency were getting lot of options to make new stuff for their users. Every passing day, more than 3 apps are developed and uploaded in the Apple store for users to download. IOS has become a new trend and huge opportunity to earn, as an entrepreneur or an established company. It is giving solutions on various development solutions in form of apps. There is a competition of Google’s Android Platform but there is enough room for both to exist simultaneously.


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