Windows came up with an application solution with Universal Windows App Development platform.  Google and Apple have given their share of completely new concepts of Android and iOS platforms for building apps. These apps are for various business purposes by providing the convenience of working out daily needs in a simpler way available on the Google Play Store and App Store. Within days of these releases, Windows came up with its own OS that was introduced to the world as Windows store.

It is not as big as the other two OS but still fulfils the need for serving the purpose of app building. With more than 700 million users of windows across the globe, Windows still tops in the computer OS industry. It lets the most famous software programs to run on it like Photoshop and AutoCAD for designing. We here explain UWP apps of Windows 10 with the process works and give advantages to create the software on Windows UWP platform.

The Definition of Universal Windows App Development:

It was built as a platform that supports all the applications universally. Available to work with Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox One and Hololens. Additionally, Windows has become a platform that supports C++, C#, VB.Net and XAML as a base for Windows app development. UWP was developed in 2010 with Windows 8 as the base then in 2015. Then UWA was re-build with Windows 10 platform. In 2017 it was launched in Visual Studio which features in various programming languages itself. Windows has stopped running on an older version of the software too.

Advantages of UWP Application Development

For developers, UWP offers them to define the entire lifecycle of the software. It makes the control completely as per wish for any updation, installation, deployment and even un-installation. As a gist, it provides complete control runtime, manages the resources available and makes it available for downloading in Smartphone.

Windows 10 app development also lets the developer work in Visual C++, C#, JavaScript and Visual Basics. All these will eventually improve the User experience of the customers and even the Responsiveness of the webpage.

Not to mention, the administrators get advantages with a huge reduction of time for a support system in Windows 10. The administrator doesn’t need to plan the customer support hence, their work cut down.

Even for users, the core application is the base for all working and access. The app reduces the need for support and training for companies. In contrast, Lower cost for the users and reduced workload for the administrator. This makes Top Windows App Development different kind of platform from others.


Universal Windows App Development is a reliable source has a large future with the vendors making 700 million users today. As the tool has gone under a cross-buy and cross-pay functionality, it has improved the attractiveness to the customer.


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