Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Over years of workmanship on social media marketing, freelancers have evolved with a high rate working day and night on projects publicizing brands and products on social media. And if observed properly, all pursue different style of publishing the content. Successful entrepreneurs avoid putting stress on publishing posts each day, customers sense a feel of desperation for sales from the entrepreneur. Eventually this may result in reduced customer following and marketing of product. But does it mean one should not put up advertisements on regular basis, in fact the mentioned entrepreneur believe in posting their stuffs on regular interval of time, Monthly or Weekly.

Regular Posts Good or Bad?

It involves utilizing the social media as the e-Commerce site. Casting a product or article to establish public relation is an art. This can subsequently draw recognition in the market. This art can be achieved appropriately with focused learning and experience. This can be through posting regularly on relevant topics to showcase the skill set to the world. Thus making yourself so skilled that if anyone ever has a work, she/he must get a thought about you. These regular posts can be something funny or trending or many a times off topic also makes you easily bond with making relevance to the consumer or client. But always should be in a place where the customer knows about skills and professional work the marketer is into.

Intensity of Social Media Postings

Talking about regular posts, what does it mean to be regular on social media? Posting stuffs on social sites like twitter and Instagram needs to be twice or thrice a day, as people are looking through the news feeds on these sites more regularly. Facebook is among tops advertiser site but has lost its priority as it used to be in 2018. The generation spends most of the day on reading stories on Instagram and Youtube; Considering a regular meme page, posting once or twice a day, but the page is continuously been followed for years. It is upto the marketer to find correct times to post the content so maximum people goes through the Advertisement.

Finally, it is not a good idea to post same things again and again in same day. Desperation is bad thing to showcase about your style of working to the customer. Providing a relevant and informative content to your followers will make you a better marketer.

Track your post:

Tracking Social Media Posting
Tracking Social Media Posts

What Works

An entrepreneur should always be aware of the post and the stats of the adverts he/she is posting. It is very much necessary to analyze what is working and what didn’t catch up the consumers’ requirements. Tools like Google Analytics can be a great tool to track such analysis. The analysis should be on month basis or every week. This analysis will compare the post or campaign as it can take long time for a specific post to rank. This is good for blogs and website services also.

Tracking of traffic of visiting the website and posts can be a tricky but important process. Since sales is the final output everyone aspires for being in a business. Social media is a funnel one needs to pour out the potential customer out of the millions.


Companies like GPC Softwares offer a great strategy to the businessman, trying to showcase their online presence and build a great audience highly viable to convert into customer. Social media is more of providing an opportunity rather than building a customer. Focus on building great content and meet the opportunity.


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